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Services Available ​


  • Standard In Home Behaviour Consults -2 hours 
    Includes - Assessment, Specialised Behaviour Training session
    & Accredited Program - 
    from $250 to $450

  • Assessments - Dangerous, Menace, Nuisance dog orders -
    Assessment including report.

  • Assessment and Individual specialised programs for
    Assistance Dogs and Therapy Dogs 

  • Doggy Behaviour Bootcamp Stay in my home 

  • Behaviour modification gentle methods

  • Obedience Training

  • All Behaviour Problems 

  • Trick Training, Agility Training

  • Dog Boarding, Daycare, Pet Sitting Needs

  • Show Training - Ringcraft Lessons if you need some extra help or your just starting out in the Show Ring

  • Specialise in Puppies and Training with Children

  • Group classes and Programs - Baby puppy, Senior Puppy, Foundation, Caine Good Citizen 

Experienced female Trainer, Behaviourists and Assessors  with Gentle Proven Methods Award Winning Trainer providing In-Home Consultations. 

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